We are manufacturing and servicing Stabilizers in kumbakonam and Cuddalore for more than 25 years. We serve two different kinds of Stabilizers like Air Cooled stabilizer and Oil Cooled Stabilizer.These two kind of stabilizers include Single Phase stabilizer and 3 Phase stabilizer. The Services Include : Service a Transformer and Rectifiers Unit, Switching Circuits and Relays

Preventing Condensed Flux Leakage
Iron Loss
Instant support

Types of Stabilizer We Serve

servo stabilizer

Servo Stabiliser Works in a Servo Mechanism. We are Service a Servo Stabiliser The Services include : Service a Dimmer, Service a Carbon Brush, Service and Rewind a Servo Motor and Service a Buck Boost Transformer

  • Highly reliable
  • Low Maintenance

automatic stabilizer

We  are Servicing a Automatic Stabiliser from the major inner parts they are : Service a Auto-Transformer, Rectifiers Unit, Switching the Circuits and Relays

  • Longer life span
  • Energy efficient

manual stabilizer

The  Manual Stabiliser Service Contains a Service a Transformer, Servicing in Relays and Electronics Circuits.This includes 3 phase and single phase.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Longer life span
The Stabilizers we designed ..