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Electric Motor Rewinding

Motor windings are conductive wires wrapped around a magnetic core; they provide a path for current to flow to create then magnetic field to spin the rotor.When motor windings fail it's very seldom that the actual conductors fail, rather it is the polymer coating (insulation) surrounding the conductors that fail..Electrical failures disrupt the power supply to the motor. This includes single-phased winding failures caused by an opening from a blown fuse, open conductor, broken power line or bad connection. Insulation failures are typically caused by contaminants, abrasion, vibration, or voltage surge.We undertake all types of Electric Motor Repair, electrical motor rewinding,electric motor winding, and dc motor winding.Higher Insulation winding wire,Insullation Paper and Sleeve are used.One of the best electric motor rewinding company in kumbakonam.


1.AC Induction 3 Phase Motor.
2.AC Induction Single Phase Motor.


Energy efficient
High Maintenance
Affordable Price
Assured Quality