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Electric Motor Winding

Motor windings are conductive wires wrapped around a magnetic core; they provide a path for current to flow to create then magnetic field to spin the rotor.When motor windings fail it's very seldom that the actual conductors fail, rather it is the polymer coating (insulation) surrounding the conductors that fail.Electrical failures disrupt the power supply to the motor. This includes single-phased winding failures caused by an opening from a blown fuse, open conductor, broken power line or bad connection. Insulation failures are typically caused by contaminants, abrasion, vibration, or voltage surge.We undertake all types of Electric Motor Repair, electrical motor rewinding,electric motor winding, and dc motor winding

Home appliance services

We are the best in performing Home appliance services in Kumbakonam.Our services include :Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler. We Service a Home Appliance Refrigerator in the Good and Best way , The Services include:- We Check the Door Seals, Service a  Coils and Condenser . Service a Refrigerator Compressor. We Service a Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines. The Services include:- Service in Water Pump, Water inlet Control valve, Washing Machine Drum, Washing Machine Motor, Washing Machine Drain Pipe, Washing Machine Timer. We a re Servicing the four major parts of the Air Conditioner The services include:- Service a Evaporator, Service and replacing a Condenser, Servicing a Compressor and Expansion Valve.


We Service a Stabiliser in a Good Way , The Services Include : Service a Transformer and Rectifiers Unit, Switching Circuits and Relays. The Servo Stabiliser Works in a Servo Mechanism. We are Service a Servo Stabiliser The Services include : Service a Dimmer, Service a Carbon Brush, Service and Rewind a Servo Motor and Service a Buck Boost Transformer. We are Servicing a Automatic Stabiliser from the major inner parts they are : Service a Auto-Transformer, Rectifiers Unit, Switching the Circuits and Relays. The Manual Stabiliser Service Contains a Service a Transformer, Servicing in Relays and Electronics Circuits